Let me introduce myself. My name is Susan Glenday and I am the founder and CEO of Spirit Aroma Oils and Lifewave Wellness Connection, divisions of Spirit River Naturals LLC.

I started my Essential oil journey by being a user and then a true believer in the health benefits of daily essential oil therapy. Since becoming an Individual Wellness Advocate in May 2011, I have:

  • Advanced to an Elite Advocate with 145 team members.
  • Became a certified Aroma Touch Therapist (2013)
  • Earned a degree as an Oil Expert from the Dr. Axe Training Institute (2017)
  • Owned and operated a brick-and-mortar business on Main street in downtown Romeo from May 2016 to September 2020. (Unfortunately, my brick and mortar business was forced to close due to COVID-19 and never reopened)
  • Started a “Custom Blend” division of my business (August 2017) whereas I use apothecary methods and organic products to cater to the individual needs of my clients
  • Currently acting as an Ambassador for the Greater Romeo-Washington Chamber of Commerce.
  • Voted Ambassador of the Year In 2018
  • Acted as both Communications Chairperson and Co-leader of GRWCC local TNT (Today’s Network Team) from 2017-2020
  • Currently A+ Rated Member of BBB

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