Keep Summer Alive with The Smell of Citrus

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Our Winter, our seemingly never-ending season approaches, we start to feel a little dismal. We long for the warm sun and longer days of summer that are on the other side of the calendar.  A sure way to boost your mood is through aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants to maintain and restore health.

The smell is one of our strongest senses.  When we breathe in any type of aroma, its scent molecules make their way through the nose up to the olfactory membrane. The receptors recognize these scent molecules and send messages to the limbic system of our brain. The limbic system is responsible for our emotional responses. We assign emotions to the aromas we breathe in.

The smell of fresh sheets that have dried out in a Summer breeze brings a sense of happiness to almost everyone.   The aroma of citrus can improve my mood and refocus attention as it is fresh and uplifting. This is a scent that takes you to thoughts of those warm Summer when you were sipping lemonade by the lake.

Benefits of essential oils 

The citrus essential oils not only have wonderful aromas that remind us of summer days, they also have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Essential oils are made up of many chemical components. In citrus oils, the main chemical component is d-limonene, which research has shown has disinfectant properties.

During winter months with bacteria and viruses lingering in the air and on surfaces, it helps to use the citrus oils on countertops and doorknobs to aid in fighting germs.

Essential oils safety

When using essential oils, it is important to note that citrus oils should not be applied directly to the skin as they can be irritating.

We have listed some information about two of doTERRA’s citrus scents below with links to shop online for them on our website.
Citrus Bliss® Oil  Invigorating Blend
Merging the major benefits of citrus essential oils, Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend creates a positive, invigorating atmosphere as it freshens the air.

Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend merges the benefits of citrus essential oils, expertly combining the powerful essences of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Clementine with a hint of Vanilla Absolute to form this unique and harmonious blend. Citrus Bliss has natural, potent compounds with cleansing properties. Mixed with water, Citrus Bliss is a perfect solution for wiping down countertops and other surfaces while producing a fresh, sweet scent. Diffuse Citrus Bliss throughout the home or office to help create a positive atmosphere while adding a refreshing aroma to the air.


  • Diffuse for an uplifting aroma.

  • Put one drop on your wrist and rub both wrists together for a great everyday perfume.

  • Add two to three drops to dryer sheets to add a refreshing aroma to your laundry.

  • Add to a carrier oil for a cheerful hand massage.

Lemon Oil   Citrus limon
Lemon Oil has cleansing, purifying, and invigorating properties for an uplifting, positive boost throughout the day. Shop our best-selling Lemon Oil.

The top-selling doTERRA essential oil, Lemon has multiple benefits and uses. Lemon is a powerful cleansing agent that purifies the air and surfaces and can be used as a non-toxic cleaner throughout the home. When added to water, Lemon provides a refreshing and healthy boost throughout the day. Lemon is frequently added to food to enhance the flavor of desserts and main dishes. Taken internally, Lemon provides cleansing and digestive benefits and supports healthy respiratory function. When diffused, Lemon has an uplifting aroma. 


  • Take internally to assist with seasonal respiratory discomfort.

  • Add Lemon oil to a spray bottle of water to clean tables, countertops, and other surfaces. Lemon oil also makes a great furniture polish; simply add a few drops to olive oil to clean, protect, and shine wood finishes.

  • Use a cloth soaked in Lemon oil to preserve and protect your leather furniture and other leather surfaces or garments.

  • Lemon oil is a great remedy for the early stages of tarnish on silver and other metals.

  • Diffuse to create an uplifting environment.

Remember, as we endure winter, try adding some citrus oil to your aromatherapy diffuser to improve your mood and bring back some thoughts of those simple summer days.  They’ll be back in no time and while you’re at it, wipe down a few countertops.

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